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Ultra Premium Heart Health



Healthy Heart Supplements for Improved Circulation, Lower Cholesterol and Lower Blood Pressure. Includes Vitamin K2, D3 Plus 12 Natural Cardiovascular Support Ingredients.

  • HEALTHY HEART – Keep your heart performing its best with our cardiovascular support supplement! Support and maintain a healthy heart and arteries while cleansing and protecting your cardiovascular system from plaque and cholesterol. Improve arterial health and lower blood pressure and have a healthy heart for life.
  • LOWER YOUR CHOLESTEROL: Powerful blend supports healthy colesterol levels while lowering bad LDL and cleansing arteries of plaque and calcium for improved blood flow.
  • IMPROVE CIRCULATION – Vitamins K2 and D3 work together to maximize their health benefits to increase blood flow and cleansing clogged arteries from plaque build-up.
  • LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE – By improving circulation and lowering triglyceride levels, hypertension is reduced so you can live a long, active and healthy lifestyle.
  • CLEANSE YOUR ARTERIES – Flush arterial plaque and calcium from your veins and arteries so your blood flows freely everywhere in your body. Improve circulation to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your entire body, head to toes and everywhere in between.

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